Bomani Jones Upset The Internet By Wearing An Amazing ‘Caucasians’ Shirt On ESPN

Bomani Jones of ESPN is never one to shy away from a topic that pisses people off, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he appeared on the network’s airwaves Thursday morning by wearing a not-so-subtle message.

You see, the Cleveland Indians logo, Chief Wahoo, is sorta kinda maybe definitely insulting to Native Americans. Plenty of white people will tell you that mascot isn’t offensive, which is easy to say when it doesn’t apply to your heritage. Bomani is simply showing that a team called the Caucasians with a pasty-faced logo and light hair has the potential to be just as demeaning.

Personally, that’s exactly what I look like minus the dollar sign, so I can’t argue.

But that won’t stop other people from having a problem. Here’s a glimpse into Bomani’s Twitter mentions today:

But really, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive:

And it wouldn’t be complete without PFT Commenter capturing the spirit of the whole thing:

Lost in the “controversy” of Bomani’s shirt is the truly controversial thing he said on the show — he hasn’t checked voice mail in five years. I know people who proudly proclaim this. “Just text me!” No. I needed to talk to you, hence I called. You can’t listen to a 20-second voice mail? What if I was calling to tell you I was in a hospital and you were the only blood type match in the area? Check voice mail, people.

But the shirt is cool though. You can purchase it here.