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I don't know much about British newspapers except that it's okay to print pictures of boobs.  Now THAT'S what I call journalism!  And the most famous of these "exposés" is The Sun's Page 3, which has a stable of fillies that soften the sharp blows of the world's ugly, ugly news.

Which brings us to the video above.  Page 3 starlets Peta Todd and Nikkala Stott (enjoyable in both SFW and NSFW form) bounce around a soccer ball in a TV ad while fellow fuckpony Danni Wells watches on the couch with retired footballer Chris Kamara.  God only knows what the commercial is for.  I think boobs.  The Boobs Awareness Project, probably.  And if that's the case, this is about as effective as an ad can be. I'm totally on board.  Boobs for everyone!

[The Spoiler

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