Brandon Marshall Said The Jets Were Better Than Carolina And Denver, And Everyone Laughed At Him

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Cam Newton is making people lose their minds. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore held a roundtable on the reactions to Newton’s dominance and dancing. The panel featured Jets receiver Brandon Marshall, who offered some poignant thoughts on Newton as a disruptive force within the sociopolitical climate of the NFL. Marshall touched on the generational gap in the response to Cam’s dancing without delving into generalized characterizations of millennials. While he deemed the antics by Cam and Odell Beckham “disruptive” and “disrespectful,” he also claimed to like it.

However, we have not gathered here today to discuss Marshall’s comments on Cam and this generation of NFL players. Brandon Marshall spewed pure heresy on national television. During Wilmore’s segment, “Keeping it 100,” which starts at the 9:50-mark of the video above, the first-year Jets player claimed that the Jets were better than both the Panthers and Broncos this season.

The New York Jets did not make the playoffs this year.

That didn’t stop Marshall from trying to pull off a bold-faced lie before having bags of tea thrown at him. One lowly Jets fan in the audience tried to defend Marshall’s stance, but he was quickly quashed by reality. Marshall and Wilmore went back and forth throughout the segment about Marshall’s Jets missing the playoffs, because Wilmore is a big Seahawks fan. Maybe Marshall’s Jets will see the Panthers in the Super Bowl next year, then again, maybe not.