Two Women Got In A Full On MMA Fight At Wednesday’s Braves Game

One of the stories of this year in sports has been the return of fans to the stands at stadiums and arenas, which has been a mostly welcome sight but has also brought the return of idiots on the field and what has felt, at least, like a disproportionate number of fights in the stands.

The NBA Playoffs featured fan brawls on a semi-regular basis, leading one Suns fan to briefly become a cult hero in Phoenix for his “Suns in 4” proclamation, and baseball has seen folks run on the field (only to get laid out by a ballgirl) and a number of fan fisticuffs as well. That continued on Wednesday with one of the more vicious fights we’ve seen between two women at a Braves game, who got in a full on MMA style fight in the concourse at Truist Park, with one woman appearing to try and work a triangle choke with the other escaping and putting in some ground and pound before people stepped in to break it up and police arrived to arrest them.

You’ve gotta be a bit impressed with the way the blonde woman on top passes through the guard and gets to ground and pound here. That said, whatever set off this fight couldn’t have been worth getting pinned down and having your arms wrenched backwards by a cop putting you in cuffs.