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Japan's Prime Minister Yasua Fukuda and China's President Hu Jintao are going to have a meeting:

Hu, expected to arrive next month on the first visit by a Chinese president in a decade, is likely to face Fukuda across the pingpong table in Tokyo on May 8 at Waseda University, the agency said, citing unidentified sources . . . There is no sign of a compromise in a long-running row over the development of gas fields under the sea that divides the two nations and Fukuda is likely to raise the topic of China's handling of riots in Tibet. Food safety may also crop up after dumplings imported from China made several Japanese sick earlier this year. "Including this kind of fun event in a tense itinerary is necessary to improve relations," Kyodo quoted a Foreign Ministry official as saying.

What a coincidence, I just had a heated discussion with the chef at my local Chinese restaurant about gas and food safety. Seriously though, there's gas fields in the Sea of Japan? Can't we send Forrest Gump over there to kick some Ping Pong ass? I just paid $3.81 for a gallon. -KD  

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