Brett Gardner Busted Open His Own Lip Throwing A Batting Helmet In Anger


Baseball is a sport full of freak injuries, but most of those don’t actually happen at the park. Sneezing to break a rib is old news in the baseball world, for example, but Brett Gardner came up with a pretty unique one on Saturday.

A frustrated Garnder returned to the New York Yankees dugout and slammed his batting helmet into the concrete of the clubhouse. But physics rules all our lives, and sometimes throwing things at a wall very hard means that they come back to bite you. Literally, in this case.

Gardner’s frustration boomeranged back at him, and his helmet ended up hitting himself in the face.

His reaction to hitting himself in the face with his own helmet certainly was one of further frustration, which is understandable. But this wasn’t a pain of just embarassment. The helmet almost certainly split his lip, unless Gardner got mad at himself for hitting himself in the face and then took it out on himself further.

Gardner returned to play after the self-inflicted injury, because in this sporting landscape where a hockey player is enduring the Stanley Cup Finals with a broken jaw and a fractured pelvis isn’t enough to keep a basketball player out of the NBA Finals, what’s a little blood in the dugout?