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You can only hope to contain Brooks Bollinger” title=”You can only hope to contain Brooks Bollinger” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

The Viking weren't terribly impressive last night (see: Tarvaris Jackson's 3 INTs), but they had two things going for them: (1) PURPLE JESUS, and (2) the Bears bloooooooooow.  From the AP recap:

[Adrian] Peterson's 8-yard touchdown run, started by a shoulder-shake to fake Urlacher at the line of scrimmage, sent the Minnesota Vikings to their fifth straight victory, 20-13 over the Bears on Monday night.

"Couldn't finish," said Urlacher, who kept his sparse postgame comments to grouchy sentence fragments.

That's being awfully generous to Urlacher.  It insinuates that he has the ability to string together complete sentences.  Not that I have anything against him.  I'm very thankful to his people for discovering fire and inventing the wheel.

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