Brock Lesnar Should Be In UFC Hall Of Fame, Says … Randy Couture? Really?

05.24.12 6 years ago 47 Comments

Randy Coture says Brock Lesnar should be in UFC Hall Of Fame

WWE’s Brock Lesnar lost his first UFC fight, amassed a 5-3 record, got a terrible case of diverticulitis and was retired back into pro wrestling via TKO helplessness by Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem. Because of this, 5-time champion Randy Couture believes Lesnar deserves a spot alongside him in the UFC Hall of Fame. Wait, sorry, I think I copy-pasted that in wrong.

Hold on, let me check the video:

As our friends at Cage Potato note, Couture is pretty quick to jump on the “yes” bandwagon, though that may have something to do with Lesnar punching his face through the back of his head at UFC 91.

Halls of Fame are always put together with the idea that some objective criteria (be it a Super Bowl ring or 300 Wins or whatever) qualifies you as officially better than your contemporaries and worthy of permanent enshrinement, but it ultimately comes down to a few people who run the building saying yea or nay. For Lesnar, it’s a matter of comparing one UFC Heavyweight Championship win and a sh*t-ton of pay-per-view buys against a Hall of Fame ideal that values mixed-martial arts achievement over UFC’s bottom line.

Do I personally think Lesnar belongs in the UFC Hall of Fame? Of course not, but I’m no MMA historian. I say induct him, then uninduct him in a few years when he gets bored. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Use curse words.

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