And Now The Severe Beating Of An MLB Janitor

06.20.12 7 years ago

By way of Red Hot Mama comes this clip from MLB Fan Cave comes today’s best nostalgic look back at the 1990s — Cincinnati Reds pitcher and part-time musician Bronson Arroyo covering Adam Sandler’s seminal mid-90s classic ‘Red Hooded Sweatshirt’. The original had a brief mention of one-on-one basketball (Sandler beat his sweatshirt 11-9), but this one goes full baseball, even bringing in Aroldis Chapman to play Kevin Nealon.

[mlbvideo id=”22404919″ width=”400″ height=”254″ /]

You shouldn’t post videos like this, Bronson, they’re all gonna laugh at you!

Here’s the very special Valentine’s Day original from Sandler:

I’m pretty excited for the follow-up, ‘The Excited Southerner Meets Dusty Baker’, about a guy from the south who’s forced to pitch until his arm falls off.

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