Who Does Brooklyn Decker Have Winning The NCAA Tournament? You Know You're Curious.

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03.18.14 16 Comments
Brooklyn Decker Just Go With It

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Perhaps the most inevitable thing about the NCAA Tournament, even more than “One Shining Moment” and your loser friend Steve shouting, “There goes my perfect bracket” after the first game, is CBS’s shameless tie-in of its “No. 1 shows” with the college basketball action. And the fun has already begun for the network, as Brooklyn Decker, star of the upcoming sitcom Friends with Better Lives, has submitted her own NCAA Tournament bracket for us to analyze and make fun of, but knowing this crazy, f*cked up universe, she’ll probably have a perfect bracket and win a billion dollars for it.

So which team does the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model and star of the laughably terrible Battleship movie have going the distance in this year’s field of 68? Let’s just say that she’s going to be the new fan favorite in Ann Arbor.

Brooklyn Decker's Bracket

Decker’s picks actually reminded me that it was time to make my own picks, so while I was looking through pictures and GIFs of her to use for the banner image, I filled out my bracket. I think it looks pretty legit.

Messy bracket

What do you think about my picks, Brooklyn?


I figured.

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