Bryce Harper Shows Off His Insane Balance By Squatting On An Exercise Ball

03.05.16 2 years ago

"Extremes are easy, Strive for Balance"

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Baseball players kind of get a bad rap for being a bunch of huge, out of shape slobs. Sure, some guys in the majors could afford to lose a few pounds, just ask every single media member in Boston. But for the most part, these guys are pretty good athletes – to have your body hold up for 162 games with many of them played in warm summer temperatures, you can’t be in bad physical condition.

Some guys, like Bryce Harper, are legitimately insane athletes. Outside of being chiseled out of marble from Mount Olympus, Harper has mentioned that he can squat 405 lbs. and that he spends a lot of time doing core exercises (which, considering how much stress a baseball player puts onto their core when they try to hit homers, is probably a good idea).

Harper apparently also spends a lot of time working on improving his balance, which he showed off in this video that he posted to his Instagram. The reigning National League MVP is seen here doing squats on a gigantic exercise ball, which is nuts. Plus he’s doing this all without a spotter at his sides or behind him, so he has to nail this at the risk of slipping and getting hurt.

Kudos to Bryce Harper for being a freak of nature. If his ability to hit baseballs in 2016 is as good as his ability to balance on an exercise ball, he’s going to be a two-time MVP (probably).

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