This MMA Fighter Says Her ’12-Pound’ Boobs Make It Tough For Her In The Ring

Meet Brye Anne Russillo, a 150-pound amateur MMA fighter for the Aggressive Combat Championship organization. The pastry chef and single mother had problems agreeing to a weight for her scheduled fight with Paige Lian on October 3 in large part because of her large breasts.

“I can’t cut my tits off and put them on the side, they weigh 12 pounds,” said Russillo, while discussing agreeing upon a weight class with her opponent. It took over three months for the two teams to agree to fight at 150-pounds. Lian normally fights around 145-pounds, and Russillo, a tall, athletic fighter, normally fights around 155-pounds. Russillo did mention she plans to enter the cage for her next fight at 135-pounds.

Russillo has a 1-1 record, according to MMA News, so she’s still pretty green when it comes to the world of combat fighting. She claims she was given the name “Brye Anne the Bone Breaker” because she broke someone’s shins in her first fight. That sounds kinda braggadocios and also extremely brutal.

Russillo isn’t the first female athlete to bemoan her large breasts (and probably not the last). At 18 years old, tennis phenom Simona Halep underwent breast reduction surgery, going from a size 34DD to a 34 C. The surgery and dramatic weight loss made her much quicker on the court and ultimately led to Halep’s vault in the world rankings. She finished 2014 as the No. 2 player in the world, reaching the semifinals at the U.S. Open.

Who knows if Russillo will see that same kind of success. For now, she wants people to know she’s more than just a woman with “bleach blond hair and a big chest.”

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