ESPN’s Buster Olney Is Mad Online About Baseball Writers Voting On Baseball Awards

11.17.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

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Many people were mad about the results in the American League Cy Young Voting on Wednesday, perhaps no one more than Kate Upton, the fiancée of runner-up Justin Verlander. It’s difficult to say what was most upsetting to people, but the field in the AL was ridiculously tight so there was always a good chance someone was going to be angry.

If you had Buster Olney of ESPN being the most upset in the wake of Rick Porcello’s victory in the anger pool, good for you, because that’s one I did not see coming.

Olney penned a scattershot column about why baseball media people voting on baseball media awards is bad. It seems to be about a conflict of interest, but it’s also about reporters making themselves the story or creating the news, but it’s also about the vote itself, and it’s also about, “Hey, these bad voters make me look bad.”

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