Bye Bye Jeff Fisher

The NFL’s longest-tenured head coach is on his way out. Jeff Fisher, who was coaching the Tennessee Titans as early as 1994 (when they were still the Houston Oilers), is packing up his office.

According to an NFL source close to the situation in Tennessee, the move could be announced as early as Friday, although it’s uncertain if Fisher’s departure will be termed a firing, a resignation or a mutual parting of ways.

Though information about Fisher’s situation was scarce Thursday, it was confirmed by a league source that he will not return to coach the team in 2011, contrary to what was previously expected. Fisher was said to be in the process of negotiating the terms of his departure with Titans owner Bud Adams.


Fisher turns 53 next month; he was due to make over $6 million coaching the Titans in 2011. Hmmmph. So instead of keeping either Fisher or his adversarial quarterback Vince Young, Titans owner Bud Adams seems to be casting both of them loose. This is just like that Shakespearean play where the one guy is really sad and then he endures a life-changing event, but then life still sucks. Which one was that again?

Moral of the story: Do not mess with Bud Adams, because he will F you right in your A.