03.12.07 11 years ago 10 Comments

All it takes for me to have a good day is to read a story that involves both cheerleaders and strippers (second item). Two injured BYU cheerleaders accepted an offer join some UNLV fans in a VIP booth at the MWC championship game. Cue naïveté:

"So how did you get this box?" asked one of the cheerleaders, a former Denver Broncos cheerleader.

"It's my father's," said Telly Eliades, who recently took over ownership of Olympic Garden… When the Mormon coeds realized Olympic Garden is a strip club, they stayed but declined Telly Eliades' offer of beer, "and they wouldn't allow any photos," he said.

Aside from the obvious NCAA rules infraction here — hello, there's a college cheerleader who has already cheered at the NFL level — I love that a (presumably) sexy adult woman didn't know that Olympic Garden is a strip club. "Sorry I'm getting back so late, honey. I was at Olympic Garden." "What's that?  A botanical garden?" "Ummm… yes. Yes it is." "Why do you smell like cigarettes and bubble gum?" "It's a… flower. Just like one a them Georgia O'Keefe paintings."

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