Cam Newton Brought Holiday Cheer To A 10-Year-Old Fan Battling A Heart Condition

Cam Newton is the reigning NFL MVP for a few more weeks and, despite a down season for the Carolina Panthers, he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Beyond that, though, Newton will forever be a legend for his performance in leading the Auburn Tigers to a national title at the college level, and that weight brings considerable influence in that community.

With that in mind, Newton did a fantastic thing this week. Ten-year-old fan Taylor Deckard is undergoing treatment for a severe heart condition and, for Christmas, he wanted to meet one of his sports idols. On Tuesday, Newton made the trip to Atlanta to visit Deckard. As you can see in the video above, his visit made a significant impact on the youngster.

Newton was made aware of Deckard’s fandom and condition via what became a viral Facebook post from a teacher at Deckard’s school.

“Austin may not ever make it to an Auburn football game but I know social media is a strong force that can make things happen,” Cooper wrote. “Let’s use it for something positive and spread this like wildfire and somehow, someway get the word to Cam Newton and give this precious little boy his wish.”

Cam Newton’s play on the field this season has left something to be desired but his off-field work continues to draw rave reviews. This is yet another example and Deckard will never forget what transpired on Tuesday.