Caption This Picture

The Arizona Wildcats defeated the South Carolina Gamecocks 4-1 last night to complete a sweep and win the program’s fourth NCAA baseball title in school history. Coach Andy Lopez and the Wildcats put on a hell of a show to win his second College World Series in 20 years; in fact, this one comes on the 20th anniversary of his first, when he was the unknown coach of the even more unknown Pepperdine Wave.

But enough about all that awesome, inspirational baseball stuff, there were also morons in Omaha last night. Seven morons, to be precise, and I could even go as far as to call them knuckleheads. That’s the kind of foul mood these no-gooders have put me in. At one point during the game, these Douche-Bagnificent 7 (trademark pending) rushed the field and caused a delay in the game as security had to wrangle them up.

As you can see above, one ambitious girl even got herself a handful of some Wildcat ass. And knowing baseball players as well as I do, I can only hope that he farted on her hand. That would have been the mature thing to do.

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(Banner image via the Telegraph, above via Getty. H/T to our beloved Robopanda.)