Local Hero Gets A Flat Tire, Replaces It With A Skateboard

What do you do when you blow out a tire on your car and all you’ve got is a skateboard handy?

The answer for most people would be to ride the skateboard and find someone who can provide assistance — whether that means calling for a tow truck or providing a spare tire. But this man is not most people.

Nope, this man used that skateboard to replace the missing tire. Like, he just literally put his car on top of the skateboard and expected it to be a fine replacement. And the craziest part of the whole thing? It worked! That ridiculous, outrageous, completely asinine idea worked to perfection.


Sure, this guy’s car can probably max out at about 15 mph with the skateboard tire, but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that this man — against all odds — managed to fearlessly and successfully overcome a trying time in his life with an idea that no sensible person in their right mind would ever attempt.

I’m not sure if that makes him an innovative genius or a reckless moron, to be honest.

Either way, that dumb skateboard car didn’t even do any cool tricks. 0/10.

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