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Steelers Pro Bowl nose tackle Casey Hampton goes by the nickname of "Big Snack," which may give you an idea to how he spends his time. (Hint: garbage bags full of chicken gristle play a sizable role). When he arrived this past weekend at Steelers training camp unable to do a few running exercises, practice hard case Mike Tomlin stuck him on PUP list, which is sadly short on dessert options.  

Tomlin placed Hampton on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list after watching him labor through five of a required eight 100-yard jogs that were part of the players' conditioning test their first day at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe.

"He wasn't able to finish the test," Tomlin said. "He's overweight and he's not conditioned enough to participate at this point."

Tomlin said when he determines Hampton is in shape, he'll take him off the PUP list and allow him to practice.

"I could be in better shape," said Hampton, who the Steelers officially list on their roster at 325 pounds. "But my thing is the only way you can get into football shape is to play football. You can do all the running you want, know what I mean? You can have a guy do the run test and be the best run-test guy and he can't play football, so it doesn't matter."

Tomlin does have a reputation of running a somewhat more rigorous than necessary training camp, something that analysts believe may have contributed to the Steelers looking flat in the latter part of last season. And Casey Hampton is never really asked to run much in games so much as swallow up blockers in the middle of the offensive line. But that sort of analysis detracts from the copius fat jokes at our disposal. Ah, fat people. They're an endless source of humor and methane gas.  

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