04.06.10 9 years ago 8 Comments

This video has started playing on the scoreboard during Pirates games this season, so it’s quite possible you’re the one of the first people to see it. [Pete the Punchline Explaining Robot says: This joke is making light of the paucity of fans found at the typical home game at PNC Park.] It’s intended to introduce one of those lame between inning entertainments needed to prevent ADD-addled fans from gnawing their arms off during the few minutes where the breakneck action of a baseball game dies down. As you can see, it’s trying hard for that movie theater “let’s all go the lobby” theme, but then the hot dog joins together suggestively with the bun and then the video told me to get some meat. And then I thought for a second, “Geez, why does everything in sports have to be so phallic?” Then I went back to stroking my penis.

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