The Internet Got Mad At Chad Johnson After Confusing Him With Chad From ‘The Bachelorette’

Getty Image / ABC

Chad might be the runaway star of The Bachelorette in its early going, and we mean that in two ways: 1) He’s easily the most memorable person on the show so far, and 2) He is like a runaway train in that he might very well kill someone unlucky enough to be in his path. Chad’s instability and general unlikability has made him an easy target for social media, but unfortunately another famous Chad has gotten caught in the crosshairs: former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson.

Johnson, who mostly uses his Twitter feed to express his love for McDonald’s, felt the need to gently correct people online for implying he was the awful Chad of the day.

Although Johnson’s heart seems to be in the right place, we would exercise caution in trying to reason with a man such as Bachelorette Chad. The man gnawed on a possibly raw sweet potato like an apple while the closest thing he has to a friend on the show begged him to be less like Hitler. We would recommend just giving this guy a wide berth, Ochocinco, and continuing to distance yourself from him online. Hopefully (for Jojo) he won’t be on the show much longer to confuse people on Twitter.