Chael Sonnen’s Mom Almost Murdered Yushin Okami With A Shotgun

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.25.13 2 Comments

Yushin Okami Chael Sonnen Mom

We’ve written a lot about UFC Light Heavyweight Championship contender Chael Sonnen this week. With his UFC 159 bout against champ Jon Jones right around the corner, Sonnen’s been prepping by uh, singing the champ’s praises and getting weird with SportsCenter anchors.

To continue or expert and totally legitimate fight coverage, we turn to Chael Sonnen’s mom, who is … pretty awesome, actually. By way of Middle Easy comes this clip of Mama Sonnen explaining what makes Chael such a great competitor and telling the story of the time she almost point-blank-range murdered middleweight fighter Yushin Okami with a shotgun because she thought he was a home invader.

(You know, normal stuff.)

To recap, Chael Sonnen’s mom thinks that his best attribute is his mind, and she might shoot you to death if you f**k with her at night. Good to know.

[h/t to Middle Easy]

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