The Chargers May Have Just Kicked The Worst Field Goal Of The Season

Contributing Writer

The San Diego Chargers’ season has mostly been a comedy of errors. They spent the first two months reinventing new ways to lose each week, and they dug deep there, even losing once on a fumbled snap on a field goal. The field goal unit has been somewhat troublesome, with Josh Lambo missing three extra points so far this season. But he may have outdone himself in their game against the Bucs today.

Lambo lined up for a routine 53 yard field goal in the dead center of the field and things went hilariously awry. Lambo missed so badly that he was closer to the pylons in the corner of the endzone than the actual goal posts. It looked like one of those kicks on Madden, where you drew a blank and forgot to hit the button, or forgot that you raised the difficulty to All-Madden the night before. It was not ideal as the Chargers look to avoid their first losing season since 2012.

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