Charlie Sheen Has Cursed The Tigers

Charlie Sheen debuted his live comedy show, “Violent Torpedo of Truth”, on Saturday night at Detroit’s Fox Theatre and by 10 p.m. ET Twitter started heating up with rumors that the celebrity downward spiral du jour was being booed mercilessly by the crowd. Yesterday morning, video clips hit YouTube and news blogs and articles were everywhere, describing everything from his remarkably disorganized performance to him insulting fans. So why then, my lovely With Leatherians, is this being mentioned on a sports blog? Because Charlie was wearing a Detroit Tigers jersey and that’s all I need to justify talking about it.

You can read a collection of quotes about how horrible Torpedo of Truth was over at Buzzfeed, but for the sake of keeping a sports theme, Sheen’s “stand-up” performance was so bad that Matt Millen gave it a 10-year contract. Detroit hasn’t seen this big of a waste of money since Charlie Villanueva signed his contract. Sheen was so much of an incoherent mess that Miguel Cabrera felt his pain. The crowd turned against Sheen so quickly that Vladimir Konstantinov ordered him a limo. Sheen’s act was so terrible that the audience begged Rich Rodriguez to replace him. Sheen’s comedy was so offensive that Fox Theatre management brought in Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson to calm people down.

And I’m spent. Video below, trolls.

And here’s a better shot of Sheen’s tribute to the Tigers:

The Tigers lost their first two games of the season to the New York Yankees, but bounced back Sunday with a 10-7 win after the Wild Thing sported his Warlock jersey. But his stink is on the Tigers now and that just means bad news. His stink, of course, is a mixture of Bree Olson’s perfume and Astroglide.

(Banner image via The Hollywood Reporter)