Check Out The Ultimate Dude’s Dude And 56-Year Old Neal Unger’s Skateboarding Tricks

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05.28.13 3 Comments

When I was a kid, I tried really hard for about two weeks to learn how to skateboard, only to eventually realize that my awful coordination, combined with my fear of boo-boos, made it virtually impossible for me to stand on a piece of wood with four wheels and roll. But while I was behaving like the other people who shared my first name, there were other kids who were becoming great skateboarders while setting themselves up for lifetimes of being righteous bros, bro.

Take 56-year old Neal Unger, for instance, who is known as “The Dude” by his legions of skateboarding fans. Unger published his own book for Amazon Kindle last month, entitled “Dude Logic”, and for just $2.99 you can take a trip inside the brain of an icon.

Skateboarding philosopher Neal A. Unger shares his thoughts on being human, the meaning of life and whatever else he can think of…grab your best tricks and go for a ride with The Dude!

Featured on ABC’s Regis and Kelly as well as NBC’s Off Their Rockers, hosted by Betty White, Neal “The Dude” Unger is an inventor of skateboard tricks in his old age. He is a team rider for Sabre, the Next Up Foundation and Costa Misery. His interviews and images are can be seen in multiple media formats, including Thrasher Magazine Stoke of the Day, April 14, 2010.

YouTuber Adam Herron caught up with Unger at a skate park recently and recorded him performing some tricks, so while you watch this video, I’m going to bust out my old Nash board and practice kickflips in the grass while I blast some Pennywise.

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