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Following Louisville's ho-hum Orange Bowl victory, I did what any other sleazy sports blogger would do: I posted a link to a pretty Cardinals cheerleader exposed to the elements. And a phallus and phallus-like objects. Ahhh… America. You smell that? That's freedom, baby. Smells kinda like tuna, huh?

I also smelled a little bit of a scandal, since I certainly wasn't the first to see the pictures, and I found it curious that the U of L cheerleading official site was defunct. I wanted to know who this lass was, so I emailed the U of L cheerleading coach, Todd Sharp. Todd very politely responded to my inquiry:

The photos were brought to our attention several months ago.  I have no idea how old they are.  The person in the photos is no longer part of our team/program.  She is very upset about her private photos being posted without her knowledge.  She is asking for privacy.

For the record, With Leather regrets that the Louisville cheer program has had to go through this. It's a proud program, with the co-ed team winning 11 national titles over the last two decades, and the all-girls squad winning five consecutive championships from 2001-05. This woman — whom Yahoo! Answers claims is named Becca Manns (although the Angelfire pics call her "Keri") — is no doubt a terrific athlete who was on an excellent team.

According to this NSFW site, her digital camera was stolen, and the pictures have probably made her life pretty shitty since they surfaced. Sure, she had a little bit of a kinky side, but look at the photos below. Those are Strawberry Shortcake curtains. And she has about 800 stuffed animals. In my fairly uninformed opinion, she's just a sweet girl who liked dirty sex, and there's really nothing wrong with that.

ANYWAY, in an unexpected video game twist, astute — or possibly scary — With Leather reader Tony makes an interesting claim:

I'm pretty sure the Louisville cheerleader you have on that update is the one they used for UL on NCAA 2007 on the 360.

Hoo boy. I've got the screenshot Tony sent me there for reference (Photo #2 below). I can't say for certain, but if he's right, there's a huge opportunity to make puerile jokes about Madden-like porn functions for NCAA 2007. Me, I'm going to be lamenting the fact that there's one less sexy blonde (and Brazilian waxed) cheerleader taking dirty photos. The world would be a happier place if more girls were like Becca.

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