Watch Out, Chia Pets: Athletes Want to Eat You

06.30.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

You see that Homer Simpson Chia Pet your uncle bought you six years ago so he could feel ‘hip’ and ‘in-tune with popular culture that’s sitting there forlorn on your kitchen ledge? You should have been eating it.

A new study has turned the Chia Pet, usually just a ‘good for one anecdote at a house party’ novelty, into something that can make you healthy. So crack open that noggin and scoop out some seeds because it’s time to act like those natives from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The next superfood though is a name you might know: Chia seeds. The very same seeds that you spread over your kitchen pet are now valued as a superfood. It’s filled with fiber, potassium and antioxidants, and it’s good for athletes of endurance sports because it holds water well.

In the book “Born To Run”, author Christopher McDougall tells the story of the mysterious Tarahumara running tribe in Mexico. Their drink of choice is what McDougall describes as a “home brewed Red Bull.” It’s called chia fresca and the ingredients are chia seeds in water mixed with sugar and lime. -CSNBC

A Tarahumara running tribe eats these, eh? Well if they were so intelligent why didn’t they think of building houses? Then they wouldn’t need to resort to finding energy boosting substances so they can continue running and we’d never have to start cannibalizing our precious little Tweety Bird Chia Pets. It’s a vicious cycle, people.

The Chia Pet people have also learned that they’re sitting on a healthy food goldmine as they’ve created the Chia Herb Garden, where you take a little something from your plant and sprinkle it on your salad to enhance it with some chia seeds and, presumably, some ladybugs.

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