Soccer, Now With 100% More Gross Blood-Wiping

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11.09.12 3 Comments

Two disclaimers before you watch this video:

1. It is pretty disgusting, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call it NSFW, it can be nausea-inducing for anyone squeamish about blood.

2. I’m pretty sure it was filmed with a calculator.

If you’re okay with all that, here’s what you’re watching: Brazilian soccer player Chicao (which is difficult to type without just typing “Chicago” and backspacing) gets elbowed, gets busted open, wipes his blood on the face of the guy who elbowed him and gets suspended. Fair enough.

Chicao said he got upset when he realized that he had a cut above his eye after being elbowed in the face by Esley as they challenged for the ball. He got up and put his bloodied hand on Esley’s face.

The incident ignited a brawl that involved players from both teams and led to Chicao and Esley being sent off.

The tribunal suspended Esley for five matches for the elbowing.

My first instinct is to tag this with Reasons To Hate Soccer, but I’m reconsidering. It’s actually pretty awesome. Imagine how great it would’ve been if Joe Theismann had gotten up on one foot and rubbed his noodle leg in Lawrence Taylor’s face? The guy would be a legend.

[h/t to It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

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