Chip Kelly Had Colin Kaepernick’s Back After A Reporter Wouldn’t Let Up In A Press Conference

It almost feels like the United States government declared that everyone must have a Take on Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem. And lo, what wonders this brave new world has given us.

The latest is a local newspaper’s internet comment section brought to life and somehow credentialed to cover the San Francisco 49ers. Lowell Cohen, a columnist for the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, had some things to say about Kaepernick after 49ers head coach Chip Kelly defended his backup quarterback’s right to protest in a press conference on Thursday.

You look at what’s gone on in Tulsa and Charlotte in the last two nights; it’s an issue that’s at the forefront of our country in that it needs to be addressed, it needs to be taken care of because what’s going on is not right. I think, again, he’s shedding light on a situation that is heinous and shouldn’t happen in this country. We all have inalienable rights as a citizen of this country and they’re being violated and that’s what I think Colin is standing up for.

That didn’t sit right with Cohen, who followed up with a series of questions about Kaepernick’s willingness to answer questions and “take over a locker room” despite being the backup quarterback in the National Football League. Unsurprisingly, Cohen has already shared his opinion on Kaepernick — he believes the 49ers should have cut him before the season started.
Cohen finished that piece by donning his “What Would Bill Walsh Do?” bracelet, which he was surely wearing on Thursday when he confronted the present-day 49ers coach. Surely looking to get a rise out of Kelly, Cohen failed. Here was part of the exchange between the two:

Cohen: I think, specifically, about after the Rams win, when you beat the Rams and he was talking injustice in America and I believe that some of the players were uncomfortable with that. How do you feel when he takes over the room?

Kelly: Well I don’t think Colin takes over any room…

Cohen (interrupting): Oh he did after the Rams game…

Kelly: Well I can give you my opinion on that… I think he’s asked questions about something and he’s answered it.

Lowell Cohen, a credentialed reporter there to ask questions, then suggests that Kaepernick should not answer questions asked by journalists. It all goes downhill from there. For an NFL coach’s Thursday press conference, it’s pretty amazing to watch.

Cohen has a pretty lengthy gallery of takes to browse if you feel the need. Give that man his page views, he’s just so… so thirsty. He’s even personally addressed Colin Kaepernick’s mother after she said Cohen was being unfair to him in a column during contract negotiations back when Kaepernick was San Francisco’s starting quarterback. I’m sure the column he writes about Wednesday’s spat influences will be just spectacular.