Everyone Had A Field Day After Hearing Chris Berman Will Retire From ESPN

chris berman
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The Big Lead has a pretty big scoop regarding the Worldwide Leader in Sports. Chris “[Insert Chris Berman nickname here]” Berman will retire from ESPN once his contract is up with the company after this upcoming football season. This will leave ESPN with a big pair of shoes to fill, as Berman is arguably the most recognizable employee that ESPN has.

But Berman is also rather polarizing among people who watch him twice a week on Monday Night Countdown and Sunday NFL Countdown. That was evident on social media, when people with conflicting stances on Boomer took to Twitter and either bid him farewell or good riddance.

*UPDATE: Not so fast?

On one hand, a ton of people are happy to see Berman go. Sure, he’s a legend, but his schtick has grown old in the eyes (and ears) of many sports fans.

On the other hand, Berman is somewhat of an institution at ESPN. He’s been doing football, baseball, and golf for years, and there is always a sense of familiarity when you hear Berman speak. That’s the case for a handful of other on social media.

The Big Lead mentioned that Trey Wingo and Suzy Kolber are the two names most likely to replace Berman on both of the shows he hosts. No matter who they select, it’ll be weird watching ESPN without Berman, whether you like him or not.