Chris Conley Somehow Came Back Into The Game After This Devastating Steelers Hit

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: an NFL player took an awful-looking hit to the head, only to be let back into the game only minutes later, much quicker than any reasonable concussion test could be performed. Chris Conley was held off the field for only a brief moment after taking this vicious hit to the head and neck from the Steelers’ Sean Davis.

Davis was flagged for a hit to a defenseless receiver on the play, though it was a bit unfortunate for Conley to twist his body towards the ball just as Davis came across. That twisting made the hit look even worse, and Conley looked very dazed in the time he spent laying on the field after taking it. That he was allowed back on the field so quickly just added to the upsetting scene, even as the Chiefs scored a touchdown to pull within two points. (Their comeback fell short after a crucial holding penalty on the two-point conversion.)

Once again, indelible images under the game’s brightest spotlight highlight that the NFL still doesn’t take brain injuries as seriously as they claim to. We hope Conley was truly okay, even after heading back into the game.