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The World Of Isaac reminds me that it’s not every day that anyone can make me feel sorry for Isiah Thomas. When Thomas appeared on SportsCenter last night, it was presumed that it would be your stock fluff job, announcing Isiah to the world as a guy that could still find a job coaching basketball. And if that’s not newsworthy, then what the hell is?

But McKendry takes it a step further, and I don’t know if this was over the line or not, but it’s not an “interview” I necessarily wanted to see. But it’s reasonable to assume that (a) Thomas had no idea that he’d be asked to re-hash a sexual harassment suit and an alleged suicide attempt, and (b) McKendry had no intention of giving him the white-glove treatment that ESPN hands out to athletes and coaches of its choosing. This wouldn’t have happened if Isiah was coaching at Duke…although I would love to see that happen at some point.

An excerpt of Thomas’ appearance is waiting for you after the jump.

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