A White Sox Fan Used Duct Tape To Pay Homage To Chris Sale’s Bizarre Jersey Cutting Incident

The weirdest story in sports over the weekend was White Sox pitcher Chris Sale‘s war on the team’s uniforms. If you missed it, Chicago was supposed to wear a special throwback jersey. Sale dislikes these jerseys because he finds them uncomfortable, and he was pitching that day, so he had a vested interest in the team’s unis.

So Sale, like anyone would do, took a pair of scissors and went to town on his uniform. He then went around the locker room and did that to the jerseys of his teammates. Sale’s start was scratched, he was sent home, and the White Sox decided that the proper way to punish him was to suspend Sale for five days.

Sale is still at home while his teammates are taking on the Chicago Cubs. While he’s waiting to see what his future holds – Sale has been mentioned as a person who can be headed elsewhere before the MLB’s trade deadline – one White Sox fan decided to remember the incident. No, he didn’t buy a Sale jersey and cut it into a million little pieces. Instead, he grabbed some duct tape, applied it liberally to his jersey, and went to the ballpark.

This guy could have taken his personalized Sale jersey to the next level by cutting it up and wearing it, holes and all. But for the most part, this is a decent attempt at getting laughs out of a weird situation.