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Tampa Bay's Chris Simms surprised some folks in the know by passing on the free agent market to sign a new two-year deal that could be worth up to $14.5 million if he meets several performance incentives. Simms signed the contract and even had a good attitude despite Coach Jon Gruden's constant criticism and public statements that Simms would have competition to win the starter's spot next year.

"Coach is going to make those contortions no matter who his quarterback is," [Simms] said. "If Peyton Manning was quarterback and he didn't complete a pass on third-and-10, I don't think Coach's reaction would be much different. He wants to win just as badly as we do, so he's going to continue to do that and be hard on the quarterback position. That's something that when you're playing quarterback for him you're going to have to deal with."

I'm almost impressed. Then you consider this:

Simms showed up at [practice] wearing the Christmas gift he got from the Bucs training staff. It's a black T-shirt with the phrase "Got Spleen?" written in white across the chest.

And that's pretty cool. It's kind of like my "Got Gigantic Balls?" t-shirt, only the opposite. Because I have gigantic balls, you see.

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