There Was Plenty Of Nudity In This Live Interview From The Bengals’ Locker Room

Welp, this Bengals’ postgame interview has plenty of tiger tail.

The NFL Network’s Albert Breer spoke to Adam Jones in the Cincinnati Bengal’s locker room after their 34-21 victory against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and while you can tell the poor cameraman’s trying to avoid any nudity, he still managed to capture several Bengals butts in the background.

It’s one of the oft-forgotten aspects of media coverage, the idea that apart from the skill level involved, professional locker rooms are not much different from what you remember in high school. Lots of dudes taking off their uniforms and equipment and changing into street clothes, only the pros have cameras and microphones in their faces for the immediate post-game reaction. It’s only natural to expect to see some butts now and again.

But at least Breer got the quotes!