04.11.08 10 years ago 22 Comments

Hey, remember the NCAA tournament?  I do, but just barely. I definitely remember setting up a tourney pool that you could enter for free and win shit.  I already announced the winners, but as a reminder, here are the top entries and their point totals:

As you may recall, the top prize was a $200 iTunes gift card, and the runners-up got subscriptions (print or digital) to magazines with nekkid ladies inside.  So far, only four people have laid claim to these cherry prizes given by me out of sheer goodwill.  One of the winners — forklifter — still hasn't claimed his share of the prize.  Guess what, buddy?  Your iTunes gift card is now $50, while the Baylor fan now has a three-quarters share of the top prize.  You've got until the end of the day to claim your prize.

That goes for the runners-up, too.  I'm trying to give you free shit.  You people are like the kind of assholes who don't RSVP to say they can't make it.

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