Clayton Kershaw Looks Different

The gentleman above in the automobile is screeching barn owl British comedian Russell Brand, who, by all accounts, does not use drugs anymore. So I don’t really know what’s in that little baggy that this Los Angeles Dodgers fan is handing him in front of a person with a camera, but it made Brand happy enough to hug the guy, which is odd, because I don’t really make it a habit to hug random people on the street who are asking for money.

And that’s what this guy in the brand new Clayton Kershaw jersey is doing, because before he gave Brand that sweet bag of homemade sugar, he was holding a sign that reads: “Afghan war vet, need your help, thank you”. I’m not trying to say the guy’s a liar, because I have the ultimate respect for our armed servicemen, but I gotta think there’s something fishy about a guy begging for money in a $100 jersey and a fat silver chain.

But maybe he could reach out to Kershaw and offer to sell him some of his homemade sugar. I’ll bet a bigtime athlete like Kershaw would love to help his No. 1 fan.

(Images via the real life Magic Mike at The Superficial.)