Someone Set A Series Of Cleveland Browns Lowlights To Adele’s ‘Hello’

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What is the best song for a compilation video about an NFL team? Is it a thunderous rock song, or is in an in-your-face rap, both of which intend to get you as fired up as humanly possible over a few minutes?

For a compilation video of the Cleveland Browns, someone found the perfect song – Adele’s “Hello.” It is a slow, sad song, which perfectly sums up some of the most notable moments in Browns history. The person who made this realization took the song and put it over a video, making one of the best, uh, lowlight videos that we’ve ever seen.

The entire thing can basically be broken down into three kinds of clips that are weaved together. The first involves sad, angry Browns fans reacting to a dumb thing that just happened on the field. The second involves the team itself. Sometimes the clips show the teams doing completely mind-boggling things on the field, sometimes it shows a collection of the guys who have played quarterback for the franchise, sometimes it shows clips of things done/said by members of the organization’s front office. Finally, the last kind of clips involves Johnny Manziel doing Johnny Manziel stuff off the field.

Adele has three studio albums in her discography. The Browns have years of silly moments. It’s not crazy to think that we can get a sequel for this video somewhere down the line.

(via Deadspin)

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