The Indians’ Twitter Account Brilliantly Trolled The Red Sox After Cleveland Eliminated Boston

Associate Editor
10.11.16 4 Comments

We were treated to one heck of an American League Division Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox. While the Tribe swept the Sox in three games, two of the three were close and the entire series had the subplot of “if Boston loses, David Ortiz retires” perpetually looming over it.

If there was anything that was really awful about the series, it’s that it was kind of tarnished for a few minutes by allegations of sign stealing by the Indians after Game 1 of the series. There was nothing suggesting this happened outside of what seemed like pure gamesmanship from Boston’s pitching coach, but when allegations of cheating are thrown around, people are inclined to wonder if something’s up.

Fast forward to Monday, and the Indians just took down the Red Sox in Fenway. It was a really good game, but in the end, Cleveland came out on top. After, someone with a cell phone and access to the Indians’ Twitter account decided to take a shot at everyone who thought they were cheating during the series.

Instead of stealing the sign in Fenway Park that said they won Game 3, the Indians simply took a picture of it and threw it onto the internet. This is at least an 8.5/10 on the Official Team Twitter Account Troll Scale™.

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