12.09.08 9 years ago 9 Comments

When Clinton Portis sat out of Sunday night’s 24-10 loss to the Ravens, most people figured his nagging laundry list of injuries precluded him from playing.  Apparently not: it seems coach Jim Zorn, displeased with Portis’s lack of practice, benched him.  The former Dr. “I Don’t Know” responded today:

Portis unloaded on Jim Zorn over and over again during today’s “John Thompson Show” appearance. He swore, he suggested maybe he should go on the injured reserve, he offered to become a cheerleader, and he said this, when asked what adjustments should be made.

“We got a genius for a head coach, I don’t know, I’m sure he on top of things. He’s got everything figured out. Hey, that’s up to him. All I can do is when he calls a play is go out and try to execute to the best of my ability.”

In a related story, the “Will Jim Zorn be fired?” rumors have already started.  I can’t imagine why.  The ‘Skins have only lost four out of five after starting 6-2.  You can’t really blame the coach for benching the guy who was an MVP candidate.  Oh wait.  I’ve just gotten word that you can and in fact should do that.  Hope you chose to rent, Zorn.

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