Coach K Is Now The Second Best

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12.30.10 12 Comments

Universally beloved Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski moved into second place on the all-time NCAA men’s basketball wins list, as his Blue Devils defeated UNC-Greensboro 108-62 last night at the Greensboro Coliseum. The win is No. 880 of Coach K’s 35-year career, and he now sits 22 wins behind Bobby Knight, and also when he pees, according to every North Carolina Tar Heels fan.

The win is Duke’s 22nd in a row, as the No. 1 ranked Blue Devils had a nice eight days of rest before their grueling matchup with UNC-Greensboro last night. But while the win is nice and the ranking is great and team playing at its best despite injuries is exceptional, this moment is all about one man and his place in the history books. One man is bigger than the moment, and I think everyone would agree that we need to be showering praise upon Coach K. Take it away, Mikey…

“I don’t want to make it sound less than what it is, but number of wins, you have to be healthy, you have to have really good players, you have to have commitment from your school,” Krzyzewski said. “So, I don’t know if that’s as much an achievement as much as the result of having all those things. And so I’m not going to look at this as an achievement. When you win a championship … those are achievements. The number of wins, you have to win a certain number of games — especially the last one — to get an achievement.” (Via The San Francisco Chronicle)

OK, so it’s not about the man and the moment. Either way, well said, you glorious, humble son of a gun. How about Dean Smith, what does he have to say about getting beat by Coach K, even when he’s retired and playing shuffleboard?

“I congratulate Mike on this milestone victory,” Smith said in a statement issued by North Carolina following the game. “I am sure he would want to share the credit for the wins with all his players and staff. I enjoyed competing against Mike’s teams throughout the years I was at UNC. I wish him continued health and personal success.” (Via NPR)

Despite the many years of rivalry basketball, it’s great to see the good nature between these two iconic coaches. I think we can all admire to the way that they’ve inspired so many people to look up to them. Hell, Smith is still inspiring me to this day. I just wrote this last paragraph while dismissively wanking the same way he did when he issued that quote.

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