Cody Rhodes Retained His WWE Championship At King And Queen Of The Ring

Cody Rhodes pinned United States champion Logan Paul to retain the Undisputed WWE Championship at King and Queen of the Ring on Saturday at the Jeddah Super Dome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Paul opened the match with stiff body shots on Rhodes. He continued to target Rhodes’ midsection, going at the champion with punches, an Octopus stretch, and eventually grabbing brass knuckles to toss a body shot at Rhodes on the outside.

Michael Cole disrespected Paul after he used the brass knuckles, so the challenger exchanged words with Cole before Rhodes came flying over the top rope to swing the momentum. Inside the ring, Rhodes missed a disaster kick, then hit his jab combination finished with an elbow attack. Rhodes dropped Paul with a Cody Cutter for two.

Rhodes had Paul in place for a vertebreaker before Paul reversed and landed a Cross Rhodes for two. Paul went to the top rope and rolled out of missed splash attempt and Rhodes hit a spinning suplex. Paul reversed a Cross Rhodes attempt, then tossed the champ to the outside.

Paul tossed the top off the announce table and placed Rhodes there, but Rhodes reversed, landing a Cody Cutter off the guardrail on top of the announce table. Rhodes broke the referee’s count, then Paul tossed Rhodes into the stairs and laid him on the other announce table. Paul climbed to the top rope and landed a frog splash through Rhodes and the table. Paul rolled Rhodes into the ring, hit a frog splash and Rhodes kicked out.

Back on their feet, Paul splashed the referee, then Rhodes hit the vertebreaker. Paul got to his feet and hit a low blow, then pulled out the brass knuckles again, but the guest ring announcer pulled his legs. Rhodes then hit the triple Cross Rhodes for the pinfall.