Colin Cowherd’s New Sunday Football Show Sounds So Edgy And Unique, You Guys

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On Sunday morning, as most of us will be waking up from our fetal positions in front of the porcelain reminder that we’re not in college anymore, others of you more responsible people, or “adults,” will be tuning into ESPN and the NFL Network for extensive NFL pre-pre-game coverage to determine how bad your fantasy teams are going to suck. Fortunately, because the World Wide Leader didn’t think that we had enough monotonous banter to hold us over until the actual pre-game coverage begins, we’re getting a brand new show entitled, Colin’s New Football Show.


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I’ll let ESPN’s press release tell you why you should bother watching Colin Cowherd talk about the NCAA’s and NFL’s top stories each Sunday morning, as opposed to the people that ESPN pays to be experts and analysts.

“Colin’s New Football Show will be entirely from Colin’s perspective,” said Jamie Horowitz, vice president, original programming and production. “It’s a cool and alternative pregame show with Colin, a football outsider on the inside, letting fans know the key stories of the day in his own style.”

Cowherd added, “This won’t be your typical pregame show because I’m hosting it and I’ve never played in the league and I don’t even know that many people who did play in the league. We know what we are, and what we’re not. And we’re not going to take ourselves too seriously. The show is me and smart, funny guys hopefully coming on the show and making it better. I’m really excited for it.”

Added Cowherd:

The show’s set will be that of a living room and kitchen, so that we can feel more at-home while Shouty McOpinion and his cohorts run a variety of gags and bits, including:

Digital originals – original digital shorts featuring Cowherd debuting on You Tube during the week will be used going in and out of breaks, including interviews with Bristol “Car Wash” guests conducted in a prop closet

Fake infomercials for “Colin-created” products

Cash, Car, Kids Game – viewers can play along from home and make picks with Cowherd.

So he’s making fake commercials and doing Mike O’Brien’s “Seven Minutes in Heaven.” Cool. Sundays at 9 a.m. ET on ESPN 2. Someone let me know how it is.

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