Colin Kaepernick’s Passes Are So Bad He’s Hurting People On The 49ers’ Sideline

The San Francisco 49ers have had an up and (mostly) down season and most of the blame for their malaise is placed squarely on the shoulders of their franchise quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

The experts have all sorts of reasons for Kaepernick’s inconsistent play: lack of weapons, inaccuracy, shoddy mechanics, and the list goes on and on. On the Niners’ second three and out in as many drives against the Seahawks on Thursday Night Football, Kaep had one incredible display of accuracy/inaccuracy that has to be seen.

Kaepernick sailed yet another one of his errant passes far too high for any mere mortal to actually catch and the pass nearly landed on the 49ers’ bench. The only thing stopping it? Some guy’s head.

Sure, it probably wasn’t his intended target, but Kaepernick managed to pluck somebody right in the face from, what, 35 yards away? If I’m Kaepernick, I’m arguing that this may be the most accurate throw of my career.

Lets hit this throw with a zoom and enhance.

How about a still picture?

The Niners’ staffer that was nailed with the ball had to be tended to by the team’s medical staff because a football to the face can’t be a pleasant experience.

So, yeah, Colin Kaepernick is the most inaccurate/accurate quarterback in the NFL.