This Defensive Back Went Full Extension To Pull In An Unreal One-Handed Interception

Saturday’s slate of college football games included one of the best interceptions that we’ve ever seen. No, we’re not talking about the one-handed snag by Michigan’s Jourdan Lewis, which in fairness was completely absurd and absolutely was one of the best interceptions ever.

No, we’re talking about this interception by Moryah Johnson, a freshman defensive back at Wingate University. Wingate played Limestone College, and on one possession, Limestone’s QB dropped back, ran out of the pocket and tried to throw a deep ball. He wasn’t able to get enough on it, though, and this let Johnson close the gap between himself and the receiver. Johnson realized that he was only able to break this play up by jumping and making a play on the ball with one hand, so he jumped into the air, went full extension, and snagged this amazing interception.

Plenty of people – including us – compared Lewis’ interception against Wisconsin to Odell Beckham Jr.’s legendary one-handed grab against the Dallas Cowboys. However, Johnson’s interception was a far more accurate impersonation to Beckham’s grab. Oh, and as it turns out, this wasn’t the first unreal one-handed interception that Johnson has reeled in during his football career. Check out this grab from his high school days:

Maybe instead of doing an OBJ impression, he was just paying homage to the best moment from his high school career.