James Holzhauer Approved Of A ‘College Jeopardy!’ Contestant Mimicking His All-In Move

While, eventually, we will run out of new Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune episodes with both game shows currently on a taping hiatus, the already taped shows are offering a bit of normalcy in a time where that is scarce.

Right now, the College Jeopardy tournament is in full swing with the second round of contests happening this week. It’s the first college tournament since the dominant run of James Holzhauer, and his influence on how this up and coming generation of Jeopardy! attacks the game board is interesting to watch.

On Tuesday night, Nibir from the University of Minnesota did a Holzhauer-esque hunting of the Daily Doubles and even employed James’ favorite “all-in” maneuver in a nod to the now-legendary competitor.

On Wednesday, Holzhauer gave Nibir’s move a solid rating of 8.5 out of 10, only docking him points for the relative ease of the Daily Double prompt but giving him a perfect 10 out of 10 for execution of the all-in wagering strategy and motion.

While Holzhauer didn’t emerge victorious in the GOAT Tournament, he’s likely going to be the most influential Jeopardy! contestant ever due to how radically he’s changed the approach of how players move around the board and play more aggressively. In this instance, his influence is obvious as Nibir — who went on to sweep all three Daily Doubles and win the game to advance in the tournament — went so far as to mimic his hand motions along with his wagering strategy.