College: You Can Now Major In ‘Gladiator’

03.29.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

A German university is undertaking a research project that will have 20 undergraduates screaming “Ich bin ein Spartacus!” The University of Regensburg, operating under a private grant, will oversee 20 students living and training as Roman gladiators, which sounds both totally awesome and a little bit gay.

The student warriors, who are all studying various disciplines at the university, won’t be eating pizza, hamburgers or steaks during their training. Instead they’ll have berries and white beans on their plates as the ancient Roman doctor Galen recommended in his texts.

They will also learn to fight wearing bronze helmets that weigh almost five kilogrammes [~ 11 pounds] at a camp that won’t allow girlfriends, showers, or washing machines. [The] gladiators are already training together four days a week.–The Local.

I’m all in favor for anything that potentially injures Germans. Oh, and the grant? It’s about $26,000 US. That’s a lot of dimp for dressing up in skirts and hitting each other with swords. It sounds like some kind of gay prom, but with more blacksmithing.

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