This Colorado Receiver Hauled In A Spectacular One-Handed Touchdown

This has been an outstanding year for crazy touchdown catches in college football. Saturday gave us the latest contender for catch of the year: this remarkable one-handed grab by Colorado’s Bryce Bobo to put the Buffaloes up 41-38 on Oregon.

Even though he was completely smothered by a defender, Bobo adjusted his body, grabbed the ball with one hand, and managed to get a foot down for the score. If this reception happened in a game of Madden, you’d get super mad, because things like this just shouldn’t be possible. You can’t quite tell from the standard angle, but from the camera behind the end zone, you can see that Bobo somehow caught this football and did everything he needed to do to score a touchdown.

It seems like every week, we get a new catch of the year contender. While Bobo’s effort may not be the best of the year, you can absolutely make the case that it’s as good of a grab that you’ll see in 2016. Oh, and the icing on the cake was that this was the game-winning touchdown in Colorado’s upset over Oregon. So yeah, if you’re a Colorado student, make sure you dap up Bobo if you run into him on campus this week.