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For some reason, NFL commissioner Roger “The Rog” Goodell took a cut in pay, which is dumb.

As part of a league-wide salary freeze for all NFL employees, Goodell is freezing his current annual compensation of $11 million for upcoming fiscal 2009 even though his contract entitles him to an automatic pay raise, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed Thursday.

“The commissioner believes it will take a collective sacrifice of everyone to get through this difficult economic environment,” McCarthy says.

The salary freeze will cut Goodell’s compensation by 20 to 25 percent. Look, a gorilla with a 16-pack of crayons could run the NFL and it would still make money. What people don’t keep in mind when discussing executive pay is that you have to give that guy a reason to do the job. Who on earth would want to deal with Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder and Robert Kraft in the same room at the same time. It’s a kiss-ass PR move that really doesn’t make any sense to anyone that’s not some jagoff unemployed steelworker that thinks all rich people are the devil. Whores, homeless people and weenies. Whatever.

[USA Today, via FanIQ]

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