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I did some checking around, and apparently the BCS title game is, indeed, tonight.  I guess I'll try to watch a couple minutes of it, but I really need to paint my bedroom (Hmmm… custard or cheesecake?).  Lucky for you, a whole bunch of smart other people really care about this game, and have written about it in ways that I enjoyed.  Behold:

• Orson Swindle is in New Orleans and writing up a storm.  Not only did he provide this shot of "Les-ticles," but he's got a terrific wrap on The Sporting Blog of fan action on Bourbon Street ("A glassy-eyed Ohio State fan passes me wearing a shirt reading "You can't spell SLUT without LSU." A blonde Tigers fan behind me sees it, looks at me and my guide Billy, and asks us "What's wrong with that?"), and his Buckeye fan alter ego Subcommandante Wayne checked in at EDSBS today

• Dan Shanoff takes up the unenviable task of claiming Georgia as co-national champs.

• And, to show that LSU fans are just as insane as the fat old Buckeye fan from this morning, here are some LSU fans in action.  Okay, so really it's just hot chicks in Tigers jerseys grinding on each other.  I hope that's okay with everyone.

Enjoy Thom Brennaman's monotone and 100+ shots of the bands tonight.  I think I'll go with custard. 

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